Hosting and Design

Your web hosting packet will consist of the following:

      Hiram Lewis Website Design
      We will design and create your website for you based on your instructions.
      Wesite Hosting and Promotion
      Your new website will also be hosted by us. We will optimize promotion of your site to ensure top rankings in all of the major search engines.
      Setup eCommerce
      Accept debit and credit cards online.
      Business plan
      We will give you a winning strategy for a successful online business. Starting with the right domain name.

      What sets Hiram Lewis and Datatron apart, is that their web designers will work one on one with you via email forms and phone calls. You do not have to know anything about website design to benefit from their service.

      The completion of any website that we design and host usually takes about 7 business days. Hiram Lewis and Datatron Web Hosting will also make sure that you have a sound business plan. This begins with the right domain name for what you are trying to sell. With our research, you will be able to target the right demographics and generate optimal sales. An example of a successful e-commerce solution for free online dating developed by Hiram Lewis and Datatron is

      We will also arm you with an ecommerce platform at no additional cost. Along with a little SEO (search engine optimization), you will be doing online business with your new site in about 5 to 7 business days. We build it for you. All you have to do is convey to us what kind of business you are trying to run or start. We will design, host and promote your new website on the Internet. We even give you a solid business plan and domain name tips. You will give us this information via online forms and our 24 customer support number after ordering.

      Our clients don’t have to know anything about web design in order to have their very own world class website.

      Hiram Lewis and

      Dataron is a small corporation that designs and builds web sites for their clients. They own several websites. Sites ranging from how to acquire a section 8 application to website design. It’s customer service employees work from home since August of 2016. This company is now a paperless entity that is now 100% on-line. That means they have no physical location that customers walk into anymore. All purchases and other work, like link or content building, is done by people all over the country that submit their work online via their new Freelance Board. Datatron boasts that they will always provide their clients and members with top notch products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs for a very reasonable fee. Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff will help inspire, educate and problem-solve for their customers.

      Datatron Web Hosting was created by it’s owner and CEO Hiram Lewis. Mr. Lewis is a graduate of Webster University with a communications degree. After college, he started a career at Robert’s Broadcasting in St. Louis as an engineer. Several years later, he designed and built some assorted websites while learning HTML and PHP.

      Hiram Lewis and will design, host and promote their clients new website on the Internet. They even provide them with a solid business plan and domain name tips. The information needed to build someone’s website is collected via online forms and emails and their 24 hour customer support number after ordering. Their clients don’t have to know anything about web design in order to have their very own world class website.Hiram Lewis has also bought and sold other websites over the years. Some sites help landlords and tenants find and complete a section 8 application for low income housing. | Web Hosting and Design | Hosting | Online Developer Project