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          The Section 8 and Subsidized Housing Online Packet

          Currently, the main purpose for completing a section 8 application online is to get on a section 8 waiting list and obtain a section 8 voucher. A voucher may be either “project-based” where its use is limited to a specific apartment complex (public housing agencies (PHAs) may reserve up to 20% of its vouchers or “tenant-based”, where the tenant is free to choose a unit in the private sector, is not limited to specific complexes, and may reside anywhere in the United States (including Puerto Rico) where a PHA operates a program to find a section 8 application online. There is only one voucher program but people often get this confused with public housing. This is a situation where the Housing Authority, or PHP actually owns and apartment complex and rents what is known as Low Rent apartments. Rent is in a sense subsidized by HUD with is Housing and Urban Development. Under the ne voucher program, individuals or families with a voucher find and lease a unit (either in a specified complex or in the private sector) and pay a portion of the rent. Most households pay 30% of their adjusted income for Section 8 housing. Adjusted income is a household gross (total) income minus deductions for dependents under 18 years of age, full-time students, disabled persons, or an elderly household, and certain disability assistance and medical expenses.

          HUD gives money to housing authorities, who in turn administer the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program locally. It is very difficult to find a housing authority that has an open waiting list and is accepting an application so you can apply for Section 8 online. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development offers a website that tenants can use to find low-income housing. Several local housing authorities also maintain a website or a separate list of Section 8 landlords in their area. Both of these services are provided free of charge to tenants and landlords. This is done by researching housing authorities and finding those that have an open section 8 housing application waiting list. One misnomer, is that each state only has one housing authority. each state has somewhere between 4 to 10 housing authorities in it’ different counties and cities. Just because one is closed, others may be accepting applications for section 8.

          There will be a one time registration fee of exactly $15.00. There will be no additional charges. Your Online Packet never expires and will be yours from now on.

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